Frequently asked questions about Facebook ads

By Alex Watson on October 31st, 2020

Facebook Ads FAQs

Nowadays, Facebook ads are an essential part of every business entity. Facebook is tightening the noose on free posts, even social media experts finding it hard to generate leads from free posts. So the Facebook ads tips and tricks have become important for every business organization. Although, A Facebook business manager is quite simple. Here is a list of frequently asked questions on Facebook ads.

Is it worth spending money on Facebook ads?

Facebook ads are much better, more than 70% of social media users are on Facebook, you can easily collect the customer interests, and explore the potential markets. It is easy to boost sales if a vendor has customer information.

How to generate leads using Facebook ads?

In Facebook Business Manager, you can easily create effective ad campaigns. Since you have customer interests, languages, income level information and feedback, you can easily throw a suitable product in the market. The buyer interest-based promotion will be the best Facebook ad for real estate agents in Brampton.

What kind of images is the best for Facebook advertising?

The funny images of your workers can be quite impressive, presenting your business motive in backgrounds, clothes, and banners. For the best results from image-based Facebook ads, try to connect the image and text with the ad objective.

Why my Facebook ads are rejected?

Mostly, Facebook ads rejected because of images with extra text. Sometimes, your Facebook ad rejected because of non-compliance with the Facebook advertising policies. The Facebook ads support is available to guide you on Facebook ad rejections.

What is the best way to choose the audience for Facebook ads?

The Facebook business manager offers very effective ways to select the audience for your Facebook ads. It can be based on the language, interests, location, gender, occupation, age of the viewer. The Facebook business manager allows us to create custom audiences based on public interests such as people interested in home buying/selling, people looking for a cheap home and auto insurance in Brampton, best mortgage agents in Brampton, and so on.

What is the cost of Facebook ads?

Facebook ads are cheaper than competitive social media platforms. There are two ways you can pay for Facebook ads.

CPM – Pay Per Impression

The CPM is best for brand awareness Facebook ads. The cost of CPM ads on Facebook is around $7.19/1000 impressions.

CPC – Pay Per Click

CPC is the most popular payment method for social media ads. Facebook charges around $0.79/Perclick for CPC based ads. The CPC is best for lead generation based Facebook ads.

How to track the traffic to call – to – action from my Facebook ad?

You can track the conversions in Facebook ad insights or using the Facebook pixel. We are the best social media agency in the greater Toronto area help businesses to track Facebook ad outcomes using insights and Facebook pixel.

Can I control the Facebook ads where they appear?

You can create Facebook ads based on public interests, geographic location, gender, income level, groups, languages, age, etc. But you can not control the delivery of the ads, the Facebook ads are controlled by intelligent algorithms running on Facebook servers.

What are the supported Facebook ad types?

Images, videos, slideshows, or a combination of these ads are the main supported ad types on Facebook.
The success of Facebook ads depends on its quality, audience needs, budget, industry and location. We help businesses creating better Facebook ads in the Greater Toronto Area.

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