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Almost, nobody carries visiting cards nowadays, they are digital now.  Even, the digital card printers have moved to social media marketing service providers. And it should be, because, we have to stay with the tech to survive. In this digital world, Google, Facebook & Instagram Promotions are only the way to spread your message across customers. Google is more likely a directory of services,  a perfect search engine. On the other side, Facebook and Instagram are social media platforms.  Facebook is a group of people, friends, and family members, and Instagram is more about trends.

How to do with Google, Facebook & Instagram Promotions?

Google Ads

Although, Google is not considered a social media platform. But it has maximum online advertising opportunities. Because, Google offers a variety of advertising products, such as AdWords, Maps, YouTube, Email, Shop, Photos, Earth, Podcasts, etc.

The basic idea behind google ads is a professional website, your ad will deliver on the basis of your website. No doubt, A good designed and optimized website is also the main pillar in social media advertising.

We specialize in promoting your business on Google, a customer-friendly GMB listing, and alluring advertising across Google products. We at ITWebSolutions, offer all in on packages for website development, Google, Facebook & Instagram promotions.

Facebook ads

Facebook is Another online giant, look at days back when it was discovered, it has changed a lot. The first requirement of Facebook advertising in 2021 is creating a Facebook page. The Facebook page is your business representative. Some great features of the FB page are automated responses,  appointment reminders, and ad platforms. In the other words, we can say the FB page is a complete business assistant.

So, create a page and start advertising on Facebook.

Facebook offers the following ad types

  1. Image ads
  2. Video ads
  3. Video polls or survey ads
  4. Carousel ads
  5. Slideshow ads
  6. Collection ads
  7. Instant experience or canvas advertising
  8. Lead ads
  9. Facebook Dynamic ads
  10. Facebook Messenger ads
  11. Advertising on Facebook Stories
  12. AR ads on Facebook
  13. Playable ads


Instagram is the youngster-dominated social media platform. It is the best for trendy products. Instagram ads make a difference because of unique full-screen promotions.
Do you want to get maximum from your Google, Facebook & Instagram promotions? Contact us today, and maximize your ROI.


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