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What is a dedicated social media manager?

A dedicated social media manager is a person, agency, or bot looking after your social media assets like your profile, pages, groups, and handles. When it comes to managing a social media profile for a normal person, it is more personal, on the other side, it is a business asset for a celebrity. A Facebook page and groups are more about business outreach, no doubt some groups and pages are also made for fun, but still there is a business message behind every fun activity in those settings. So professional social media management is organizing and building a presence on social media accounts from a business perspective.

When we need someone?

Not in all situations, as we mentioned earlier, if you are posting and reacting just for fun, personal socialization, you do not need a social media manager.

Some personal situations where you need a social media manager

-When sharing quality time with family has more votes than posting.

-Sometimes, when attending a business meeting is more important than showing your presence on social media assets.

-When a group photo in friends gets together takes precedence over an infographic design.

Social Management is the Key of Business Sucess

From a business perspective, Professional social media management is key to success. And hiring a dedicated social media manager is like icing over the cake. 

Experience makes the difference in business social media management. Sometimes, we discover how to post, design, and create content after investing a considerable amount in learning these things. In these situations, a dedicated social media manager makes a difference in expenses and growth rate. We can also say, a dedicated social media manager is cheaper as compared to our own time. Most social media managers use a data-driven approach, utilize case studies and templates for posting and management. So they know what type of content, images, and videos are making a difference. In other words, a professional social media manager ensures faster success, instead of learning from the startup mistakes, can work on the ideas of success. So, we highly recommend hiring a dedicated social media manager.

Why hire us as dedicated social media managers?

There are numerous social media managers available online. But here are some reasons to hire us as social media managers in Brampton:

  • We are local, yes we are available over the phone, for the video call and face-to-face table meeting with respect to covid-19 restrictions.
  • No false promises, we say what we can do,  we don’t show you the progress in dreams, we deliver it. We never promise the number of leads, a number of customers, and so on, we work on better representation. The professional designing, writing, and video editing is the key behind your success.
  • Affordable, our services are affordable and we only charge what we do. We do not offer free things and then ask your credit card for it.
  • All in one package, not all businesses need direct advertising on social media, some need radio and tv advertising. So we offer all in one package and spend your budget accordingly.
  • Know your surroundings, we are local, we know the greater Toronto area, which is the key to customer targeting. If you are a real estate agent in Brampton, a trucking business owner, and want to work in your community, we promote your services accordingly. Similarly, if you own an Indian grocery store in Brampton that needs social media marketing, we know where your customer base is.


So let us discuss your business needs and draft a plan for success.

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