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Facebook ads are the best way to spread your business message across the customers. There are two ways to advertise on Facebook.

Ways to advertise on Facebook

There are two ways.

1. Promote your post from the page.

The best business representative is your Facebook page. So, create a FB page and start your business.

2. Advertising with the Ads Manager.

Another platform to advertise on Facebook is the ads manager.

As of today, Facebook offers the following ad types.

Image ads

Simply, share an image on your page, and promote it. The success behind it is an attractive image, that can invite viewers to read the text. The rich and relevant text can encourage readers to click on the call-to-action.

Video ads

A video ad plays in news feeds, stories, and long stream videos. Facebook creator studio is a great tool for video editing, uploading, and promoting.

Video polls or survey ads

You can ask questions in video ads, while the viewer can answer without leaving the platform.

Carousel ads

A Carousel Facebook ad is a group of images or videos. You can use different call-to-action buttons on each image and or video.

Slideshow ads

A slide show ad is a group of pictures, with great transition and editing features from Facebook.

Collection ads

This is quite popular because of the excellent mobile user experience feature. You can link up to 5 different products in one ad. And the viewer can purchase all of them without leaving the ad.

Instant experience or canvas advertising

Instant experience advertisements can attract the customer using a full-screen canvas.

Lead ads

You can attach a lead form to your promotion and collect the customer information.

Facebook Dynamic ads

These ads can reach customers, who may be interested in your product. This ad can also remind customers about the abounded cart.

Facebook Messenger ads

It is delivering ads to the Facebook messenger inboxes, almost similar to email promotion.

Advertising on Facebook Stories

Facebook, Instagram stories are very popular. So, a story ad makes use of that popularity.

AR ads on Facebook

This is a virtual reality advertisement. It is more likely delivering products virtually. The customer can feel, place the product before buying it. For example, on a furniture ad, consumers can view the virtual placement furniture.

Playable ads

This ad category is the best for interactive media developers. One can present your product as a game, so the users can give feedback while playing.

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