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How Google Maps Listing & Promotion are making a difference

IT is almost DIY to list your business on Google and promote it. But there are several questions why we need professional intervention. How to optimize your Google maps listing? Steps to set up take out, food order system integration in the google maps listing? How to maximize your ROI with google maps listing & promotion?

We at IT Web Solutions, list and promote your business on google maps as per community guidelines.

How to get Google reviews?

Reviews are worth it, yes. If I am ordering lunch from a new restaurant, I will eyeball on the reviews, they are helpful. Similarly, I won’t ignore the product-specific review, questions, and answers before buying it.

We can help you to stand out on google maps, promote a listing, and help in generating positive customer reviews. About 77% of people search locations, business addresses and read reviews from google maps. 

We are proud to have Level-7 Google’s Local Guides in our Google Maps listing & promotion team. Lets chat and start working on google reviews. Our working strategy is business analysis, documentation, designing, and advertising as per business needs. 

Other platforms for business listings

The second major business search platform is Facebook. So why leave behind, contact us today and list your business in the Facebook business listings.

Apart from the google map listings, we help local restaurants, stores, health clinics, and other appointment-oriented businesses in Brampton, Mississauga area in lead gen systems.

Google, Facebook, WhatsApp, and even Tik-Tok are providing shopping catalogs, messaging purchases, and automated response systems. So set up your business profile on Google, Facebook, or WhatsApp so customers can buy and interact online. Online shopping is at the peak because of this pandemic. So get your business on WhatsApp, Google, or Facebook today with us.

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