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There is a business message behind every post, video, comment, and other content posted on social media. In other words, spreading the business messages on social media is called social media marketing. Almost every business entity in the Greater Toronto Area, such as real estate agents, insurance brokers, home-renovators, builders, transportation and logistics, business service providers, etc are taking the advantage of social media posting. The professional social media marketing approach starts with social media development.

Social Media Development

It is professional social media account setup, pages, groups, spaces, posting, editing, and designing the alluring content. It increases your fan base, followers, business transactions and generates leads. The social media setup for business starts with creating a social media page, group, and or handlers. A typical business needs an account, channel, banner, and pins on different social media platforms and continuous posting for success.

All posts, videos, images, animations, and any other related material posted on social media have the potential for business growth. Although the posting is free, the scope is limited up to the connections, and followers. On the other hand, paid advertising on social media can convey the message beyond the connection scopes.
At ITWebSolutions, our social media marketing plan starts with social media development and helps you drive more leads to your business.

The steps of social media marketing are

Setting advertising goals and implementation strategy

Setting up the objective of internet marketing is called campaign setup. It may be more phone calls, store visits, website traffic, or lead generation.
Sometimes, only a digital marketing agency is not enough to achieve the goals. A web designer and SEO expert can play a vital role in a more meaningful campaign setup.

Choosing the right audience and advertising platform

After setting the business goal, the second step is the right audience selection or finding potential customers. For example, the potential audience for a real estate agent in Brampton is a home buyer. All social media platforms are equipped with the best audience selection features.

Creating an ad

The final step in paid internet marketing is creating an alluring ad. Your ad will deliver better results if it is backed up by an experienced digital marketing company. Hire a professional internet marketing company and get the result in the same budget.

The following are the top social media advertising platforms

Facebook ads

Facebook is the biggest social media platform with more than 70% of users worldwide. If you want to reach customers personally, try Facebook Ads. Facebook has good advertisement spaces available in Newsfeed, Marketplace, Wall, and Watch.

Google ads

Although Google is a search engine. But it has maximum advertising opportunities. Google offers a variety of advertising products. Google Search, Maps, YouTube, Email, Shopping, Photos are great google advertising products.

Instagram promotions

Instagram is a youngster-dominated social media platform. Try Instagram promotion for trendy products, it works great. We can create ads for clothing stores, restaurants, salons, services, etc on Instagram.

YouTube ads

Videos have great potential for reaching out to customers. YouTube is the biggest video search engine, either you are looking for educational videos, music videos, movies, and news videos, everything is available on YouTube. So why not YouTube let your message across to the customers. We can help you set up an attractive YouTube channel, YouTube channel art and take care of the SEO of your videos.

Pinterest pins

Pinterest is a great platform to promote pictures, photography business, and infographics. We can create eye-catching pins for your business to drive maximum traffic to your landing connections.
More social media platforms like TikTok, Linkedin, WhatsApp are driving more customers to the business today, we can help in all.

Social media advertisement budget

The next step after drafting a social media ad is to determine the budget for advertising. The following are the two main bidding options for social media ad campaigns.

CPC – Pay Per Click.
CPM – Pay Per 1000 impressions.

The CPC plan charge for clicks on advertisements. The CPM charges based on impressions/views.

The Facebook CPC and CPM are around $.97 and $7.19 respectively.

Which is better from CPC and CPM? Obviously, the CPC is like pay as you go, and also because a click on the ad has more conversion potential than impressions or views. Still, the CPM is popular for brand awareness campaigns.

Social media advertisement performance tracking, metrics, and results

Now, your ads are in the social space, they are reaching potential customers. You can track the performance based on the following metrics

Impressions – Indicates how many people have seen your ad.
View – How many people have seen your video ad.
Click – How many people have clicked on it, influenced by your ad?
CTR – After how many impressions, your ad has received a click.
View Rate – After the number of views, your ad has received a click.
CPV – How much do you pay to get a legitimate view?

Improvement and improvement of advertising

There is nothing to do if you are satisfied with the ad campaign and you are getting more leads. But if the performance is not meeting your goals, try to improve and optimize it keeping the above steps in mind.
Now you can run a successful advertisement for your business on social media. We are a certified social media advertising agency and can create attractive ad campaigns for your business. We can automate your lead generation process, so you miss a lead, even if you’re not available on your phone or computer. Contact us today to set up a social media ad in the Greater Toronto Area.

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