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What is the Facebook banner?

The Facebook banner is the image on your page, group or profile. It is the first impression of your business. So, the best is to consider hiring a professional for Facebook banner design. As we know, almost every business is on social media, and it is hard to stand out. For example, if you search for a realtor on social media, a lot of results pop up, but who gets the click, the lead, one with the best informative and eye-catching graphics.

What is the Facebook cover photo size?

Facebook cover photo size is 820px wide and 312px tall on desktop and 640px by 360px on smartphone. So we have a limited space to say our business and grab the leads. Although there is a number of online Facebook cover photo makers available, it is better to consult a professional graphic designer.

How do I make a perfect banner?

You can simply use built-in apps such as paint, a photo editor to make a good-looking Facebook banner. From a business point of view, I don’t think this is DIY stuff. A professional will use the right combination of colors, pics, and text to describe your business.

How do I change a banner on my Facebook page?

Here is the process to change the Facebook cover photo.

  • From your Facebook profile, go to your pages.
  • On your page, find the EDIT button on the bottom left corner.
  • Click the EDIT button, and select one option from the menu.

– Choose from photos – Let you choose a photo from the media on the page.
– Choose from videos – Let you use a video on the Facebook cover area.
– Slideshow – Can use up to 10 pics as a Facebook page cover.

  • Upload photo – Click and select your picture.
  • Remove – To remove your photo.
  • If you already have a photo on the Facebook page cover, another control will be there to Reposition the photo – This control allows us to reposition the picture. Be careful with the area hidden under the profile pic.
  • Click save changes.

What makes a good Facebook banner?

As a general rule, keep it simple with readable text and contrast images.

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