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Why a business need a logo?

Or, in other words, why the logo is important? The simple answer is, the logo is a silent business representative, present everywhere. A professional logo creates a strong impression, a good logo design represents uniqueness and stays in the heart of the viewer. Let’s introduce your business to the public today with a unique logo.

Does the company need a professional logo design?

Yes, almost all businesses. Although, there are a number of free logo makers, free logo design templates, and free logo maker software available in the market, a good logo design is only possible with a professional touch. The logo is a ubiquitous salesman. A good graphic logo defines your business through a combination of images, vectors, and characters. The logo instills in people a sense of confidence in your business. Therefore, every business needs a professional logo design.

Which type of logo is best for what type of business?

It depends on the niche, purpose, uniqueness, accessibility, availability, and scope of your business. For example, a simple logo for a realtor in Toronto may be a combination of name, picture of a house and any popular place in the city like the CN Tower. Similarly, the branding logo for a law firm in the Greater Toronto Area can be a combination of a graphical description of services offered and the name of the law firm.

How many types of logo designs are there?

The main 7 types of logo designs as follows and we specialize in all types of logo designs.

Wordmark logo
Lettermark logo
Brandmark logo
Iconic logo
Abstract mark
Mascot logo
Icon logo

Our services

We have designed 500+ logos and apart from the above logo design types, We have created catchy logos like badge logo, smashing logo, eagle logo, bakery logo, logo best, honey logo, store logo, fishing logo, clothing store logo, cleaning logos, calligraphy logo, rose logo, salon logo, photography logo, web design logos in the Greater Toronto Area.
Our expert logo designers create logos, graphics, letterheads, business cards, and banners depending upon your business needs.

The reasons why call us for a logo

  • Our goal is customer satisfaction.
  • Along with logo design, we also deal with website development, social media marketing, IT consultancy, and technical support services.
  • Since we deal in web designing, SEO and SMM, we can create the best-looking logo, graphic design, colours, textures and menus to match your brand.
  • We are in business for 15 years.

Ask us today about our all in one package and avail an affordable business solution. We are available any time on our Facebook page, Whatsapp, and on ITWebSolutions.ca.

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