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Every business is growing with technology, and it is very inprotant to enhance and make sure the smooth operation of business setup. Generally, larger enterprises can manage the cost of a tech expert to set up their PC frameworks. To save the expense of having an expert introduce a PC, the DIY alternative is accessible to everybody. The key to a smooth establishment is to keep all the PC parts coordinated. 


The PCs need a chair, table, and stable power supply. Good comfortable furniture is equally important. Because a comfortable working environment is the key to productivity. So set up the furniture and system accordingly. Do not create extra hurdles in the path and daily work area.


Carefully unpack the computer system. It is the first step in the computer installation best practice. Do not place some parts like processors, memory modules on or near metal. Unpack according to the package instructions. 


Set the PC tower up. Cable up the peripherals, network, printer, other devices, and power cable at the end. This is the CPU, the actual computer, which is the backbone of your business, holds your data and applications. Most of the time you need an upgrade, you need to deal with the components in the CPU. Always tie the cables running to and from the CPU, because most connectivity issues arise because of loose connections.


A comfortable workplace is key to productivity. Install keyboard and mouse at the comfortable level, keep hand rest pads, and safe movement of keyboard drawer in mind. The setup should not cause the wrist to stay in unnatural situations.


Start the computer from the front power button, wait for the POST(Power On Self Test) process. Now it is time to personalize your computer, name it, connect to the wireless network, and set a password. Once you connect to a network, it automatically syncs to the time server and sets the time zone. Always use the recommended settings, because settings like automatic updates, antivirus settings go automatic to stay safe while working.

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