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What is home automation?

It is the integration of smart devices together to control kitchen appliances, entertainment devices, home comfort, security equipment, and compatible devices. Home automation is also called domotics.

What is the difference between home automation and smart home?

The smart home is a completely automated home, while home automation is the process of doing it. The house is smart if you can control lights, other electrical equipment, lawnmowers, snowblowers, kitchen appliances, climate control, and entertainment system over the network.

Why we need a smart home?

We can not deny the technology, the difference is how we use it. If we are enjoying it from a recliner, obviously, we do not need it. But on the other side, if we are using the saved time towards the quality of life, we need it. Why not use it, when I can

  • Control the kitchen appliances and save a lot of time on preheating an oven.
  • Turn the lights, fan, climate control, and other electric devices and save on hydro bills.
  • Monitor my home from anywhere, and stay safe from damages and robberies.
  • Control my lawnmower, while attending a yoga class in the backyard.

Are smart devices making us lazy?

No, they are not, it depends on how we utilize our time. Laziness is more like a habit, attitude, was there even before the smart devices. Smart devices are very useful, they can take care of lawn mowing while we are walking on a trail. Technology is helping us to spare more time for life, taking care of routine unproductive chaos.

So again, home automation is much needed to stay close to the technology. We at ITWebSolutions.ca are experts in smart home integration. We can connect your IoT devices together, secure a wireless home network, printers, alarms, security cameras, and other connected devices.

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