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Nowadays, there are a number of home security systems available in the market. You can install yourself or ask a handyman to install it.  There are many benefits of installing security cameras at your home and business premises. The crimes and theft activities are increasing day by day, especially in the Greater Toronto Area, and surrounding cities, so why not to add an extra layer of security to your lifestyle. 

Some common questions regarding security Camera Installation in Brampton and GTA

  • Which home security system is better – Monthly fee based or one time cost?
  • Where should outdoor security cameras be placed?
  • Wired, Wireless or Wire-Free.The main advantages to wired home security camera system

And more you read in this article:

  1. The main advantages to wireless home security camera system
  2. Top Security Camera Features to Consider Before Buying
  3. How to vandal-proof security cameras


The main benefits of installing a home monitoring system are:


  1. Keep your family and business safe from intruder activities and enjoy peace of mind lifestyle.
  2. Almost all insurance companies can give you a discount home or business insurance premiums. You can save up to 20% on your home insurance premiums.
  3. You have full control of your entrance door, garage door and business premises from remote areas provided your home monitoring system supports remote access features.
  4. Check in on your kids and pets with a home monitoring system.
  5. You can turn on/off the thermostat, appliances, and other connected equipment with the smart home monitoring system and save on electrical and gas bills.
  6. Somehow, the home monitoring system saves on grocery bills also, if you are in a grocery store, you can see what is in your refrigerator* and avoid unnecessary spendings
  7. Install indoor home monitoring system with fire, carbon monoxide and gas leak alarm fasciitis and stay protected against above mishappenings.
  8. You always have a video footage proof of any accident, robbery, theft or intruder activity happening nearby.
  9. Home security monitoring systems develop a safe environment among the neighbourhoods.


The next battle of life is choosing the best home monitoring system. Should we go with the monthly fee based home monitoring plans?. Or buy our own system and bear a one time purchase cost and installation expenses?. Which home security system is better?.Wired, wireless or wire-free? What must have features in our home security system

If we choose the company installed and monitored monthly -fee based home monitoring systems, we enjoy the following benefits. Or the benefits of monthly fee based home monitoring systems are. 


  1. No upfront cost:- Almost all home security companies in the Greater Toronto Area provide you the latest home monitoring system with 2 to 3 year subscription plans.
  2. Many companies provide free equipment upgrade options on the contract maturity, if you continue using their services.
  3. You can choose the best suitable equipment for your home, e.g 5 outdoor and 1 indoor camera for your home as the buying cost is almost none.
  4. All home security camera installation companies in the greater toronto area do not charge any installation fees.
  5. Enjoy free one tap technical support and onsite repair services.
  6. Some companies offer you additional smart home devices at no upfront cost, especially if you buy during Boxing Day deals, New Year sales, etc.
  7. You can lower your home insurance premium further lower if your home security system is installed and contracted with professional companies like Telus, Bell and Rogers.
  8. You get the cheapest home monitoring plans in the Greater Toronto Area, because there is a massive competition.

Reliable advice. If you calculate the upfront cost and monthly fee, they both are the same. Most providers in the Greater Toronto Area charge you around $30/Month for the basic home security system. So you end up paying $720 in two years. On the other hand you can buy the similar system for $500.


The best monthly – fee based home security system service provider companies in the Greater Toronto Area are listed in the table below, feel free to choose the best provider


If you do not want to go with the contracts and subscriptions, you can buy your own home security system. So what are the benefits of owning a home security system? They are.

  1. No monthly fee  and no contracts, just buy the equipment of your choice with one time purchase prices.
  2. You have full control on your privacy, especially with a local storage home security camera system.
  3. There is no middle man between you and the security system, you don’t need to depend on anyone or wait for someone to install and fix it.
  4. No subscription, if you are not satisfied with the device performance, return(the home security camera system with the money-back guarantee)or replace.
  5. No penalty for wrong fire and smoke alarm because the alarm directly does not go to the police or the fire, it notifies you as per configuration.
  6. Enjoy the worry free services even in the remote areas.
  7. Works without the internet, yes there are wired and wireless home security cameras that work without the internet.
  8. Portability, especially with the wireless home security cameras, you can take with you where you move, is not is great for renters?.


The next question is how many cameras do I need for home security? And where should outdoor security cameras be placed?. 

The number of cameras depends on the size and type of the house. 5 outdoor and 2 indoor cameras are enough for monitoring a detached house. The optimal choices to place the home security cameras are one at the garage, one on the front door, one in the backyard capturing the patio door and two on first floor windows on each side.


The best place to install indoor home security cameras are front door, back door and the kitchen. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, 81% of burglars enter through the front door. One indoor security camera in the kitchen can save us against fire, smoke, and any misbehave of any electrical equipment in your absence.


For a semi-detached house, 4 outdoor and 2 indoor cameras are sufficient and 3 outdoor and 2 indoor cameras can secure a townhouse.


What type of outdoor security cameras are best for home security? 

Lest see the comparison Wired, Wireless or Wire-Free? 

Camera Features Wired Wireless Wire-Free
Power Plugged or POE Plugged Battery
Signal Cable Wireless Wireless
No of Cameras Supported 4 to any 

usually 32

4 to 16 4 to 16
Storage Local or Cloud Fewer local options, mostly cloud Fewer local options, mostly cloud
Camera Security Vandal-proof, Fixed hardwired Wired Magnetic Attached
Motion Feature PTZ, motion sensor, sharp spotlight,siren  PTZ, motion sensor, spotlight, siren spotlight, siren
Recording Audio, Video, 4K Audio, Video, 4K Audio, Video, 4K
Life Longest life, Hardwired ruff system


You do not need to run separate wires for power and internet signal, if you buy POE powered cameras. 


The main advantages to wired home security camera systems are.


  1. Reliable connection. The wired camera system offers a reliable connection. You do not need to worry about signal loss, degradation, temper and jam. 
  2. High availability, since it is hardwired, the system never runs out of battery power.
  3. The buying cost, wired home security systems are cheaper then wireless and wire-free systems.
  4. No burglar can jam your signal and disable the system.
  5. It is hard to hack the system, because signal is transmitted through the high hanging wires, not in the air.
  6. It supports more number of cameras, because of powerful NVR, DVR systems.
  7. You can enjoy better features, such as sharp spotlight, sirens, and PTZ features.
  8. Almost all wired home security cameras can work without the internet.
  9. Better local storage options as compared to other systems.


Advice Buy a POE powered wired home security camera system, run only one wire for power and signal.


The best wired home security camera systems are.

Company Name Lorex Swann Swann Reolink Reolink
Price CAD 1750 1723 1025 599 989
Buying link Lorex Swann Swann Reolink Reolink
No. of Cameras 16 8 4 4 16
Connection Analog Wired POE Wired POE Wired POE + Power option POE + Power option
4K Yes Yes Yes
2K Yes Yes Yes
HD Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
2-Way Audio Yes Yes Yes
2-Way Audio Recording Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Night Vision Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Color Night Vision Yes Yes Yes
Cloud Storage
Local Storage Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Motion Detection Yes Yes Yes
Motion Detection wtih siren Yes Yes
Motion Detection+Spotlight Yes Yes
Alexa Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Google Assistant Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Company App Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Water Rating IP67 IP66 IP66 IP67 IP67
Operating Temprature -22°F (-30°C) to 140°F (60°C) -22°F ~ 131°F -22°F ~ 131°F -22°F ~ 131°F -22°F ~ 131°F


The wireless and wire-free camera system has its own comfort zone. The following are the main reasons of buying a wireless system over wired


  1. Very easy to install, no wiring, no drilling.
  2. Portability: – take with you wherever you go, good for renters.
  3. Lower installation and maintenance costs.
  4. The wireless camera system can also run without the internet.
  5. Safe from moisture and electrical shock.


Top Security Camera Features to Consider Before Buying


*. Video Recording Size – Buy the best video maker camera system, fortunately, the 4K video recording camera system is available in the market. 4K video takes up a lot of space, 1 hour 4K video takes up an average of 100 gigs of space. But this space can be expanded depending on usage. That means 100 gigs of video of about 1 week can be recorded in 100 spaces. This requires some settings in the camera system, which can be adjusted to suit your needs.


* Night Recording Camera System: Night recording system is great for the security of your home and business. There is a system on the market today that records colours at night and has an automatic target light.


* Motion detection system: Motion detection is the most special feature of a device. The settings of a motion detection system are quite complex, depending on what type of motion you choose to detect and record, such as the movement of animals, the movement of humans and vehicles. Motion detection settings can be tailored to your needs, such as, if you live on a farm, you will also record the movements of animals approaching the house, but most of the city is occupied by humans and vehicles. Need to keep an eye out.


* Siren system: The siren system alerts you if any movement occurs outside your motion detection system.


* Face recognition system: You can store your and your family’s faces in the camera system under this system. The facial recognition camera system does not bother you by repeatedly sending alarms, only notifying you when an unknown face appears.


* Audio feature -. If an advertiser, a home seller, or a parcel dealer comes to the door, you can see and talk without opening the door. There are three types of voice camera systems available in the market


# One sided audio – The audio flow in this type of camera system is only one-sided. This camera system is not very popular.


# Two-way audio – The 4K camera system with two-way audio is quite safe for the home. In this type of camera system, you can talk to the person coming in the door or in front of another camera without opening the door.


# With two-way audio recording – this type of camera system is the best. Because in such a system you can record video as well as audio. You can talk to anyone who comes to your door without opening the door and even recording the conversation.


# Camera system equipped with #PTZ utility – This utility is available in most wired camera systems. This feature allows the camera to tilt, rotate and auto-zoom when needed. Depending on your settings, the camera can rotate, auto zoom and record objects when a stranger arrives.

# Storage system: There are generally two types of storage systems available in the market.

* Cloud Storage – Most wireless systems are equipped with a cloud storage system. Normally 5 to 25 GB of storage space is free, but for more than that, you have to buy a monthly plan.

* Local Storage – Many wireless systems such as Arlo, and almost all wired systems offer local storage. As mentioned earlier, as far as possible, buy a camera system with local storage, as you have control over your footage, and you can increase the storage capacity as you wish, without having to pay a monthly fee.


# Smart Assistant Compatibility: Home Security systems are both Wired and Wireless Smart Assistant Compatible. Only buy Alexa compatible systems if your home has Davis, TVs, smart speakers and displays compatible with Amazon. But the good news is that most systems come compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple Home Kit.


# Camera system for monitoring fire, smoke, carbon monoxide and gas leaks: This feature is needed in the internal camera system. This feature is available in both camera systems.


# Weather Proof Camera System: Almost every camera system is temperature adjustable. The temperature adjusted system is measured with ip(ingress protection), the larger the number of ip ratings the better. A home camera system with an ip66 or ip67 rating is usually the best.


Now we have installed the best home security camera system, now the question arises How to vandal-proof security cameras? How do I keep my security cameras being stolen? How to keep your outdoor security cameras from being tampered with?

Yes there are ways to keep security cameras safe from thieves and burglars. 

  1. Place your cameras as high as possible
  2. Install a fake security camera system and hide the genuine system
  3. Go wireless, no wire cutting
  4. Use higher encryption methods
  5. Buy a tamper proof camera system.


More tips, diagrams, infographics and specific QA on installing a home security camera system are available in related articles in each section.

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