How to add multiple destinations to the google maps

By iwsadmin on December 16th, 2020

Best features in google maps for commuters

Google Maps is a great tool for directions, business listings, promotions, street view and an across platform web-mapping. Almost everyone uses google maps for turn by turn directions, people who go to new places, even those who visit the same place every day use Google Maps. Even though we know the route, the Google Maps navigation system alerts us on traffic, accidents, estimated travel time, objects on the road, speed cameras, police, and construction along the way.
Many other important features of Google Maps such as toll routes, multiple stops etc. act as day makers for route delivery drivers. A truck driver, delivering 10 stops a day can add multiple stops along the route and deliver on time.

How to add multiple stops to Google Maps?

1. Go to

google maps, directions, routes, truck route

Google Maps – How to find directions

2. Click on the blue right turn button in the top left corner near the “Search Google Maps”.

3. Enter the start and end destinations.


4. Click Add destination to add multiple stops. You can add up to 9 stops in Google Maps.

multiple stops in google maps, directions, route

Adding multiple stops in google maps

5. You can reorder the stops, go to any stop and drag it up/down.

google maps, directions, routes, reorder stops in google maps

Reorder multiple stops in google maps

6. You can also email these directions to your phone, provided your phone is connected to the desktop.

google maps, directions, location sharing, route share

Sending directions to your phone from google maps desktop

Can we use Google Maps for truck routes?

No, Google Maps do not have truck routes. We can’t the vehicle dimensions in Google Maps. Although truck routes in google map an everlasting hope of truckers, this feature is not available. Another unsupported feature in google maps is location entrances, docks, delivery doors. If you’re driving a truck, Google Maps will drive you to the front of the building, but will not tell you where the delivery dock is. This feature is available in

Apart from routes, there are commercial benefits of Google Maps, such as listing a business, promotions on maps, and location sharing services. Contact us for commercial usage of google maps. We, at ITWebSolutions, are expert in google maps for business.