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The backup is important in every plan of life, so in the information technology world also. As humanity has grown up, the term backup is familiar to almost everyone. A lot of applications in our smartphones exercise backups as per the set schedule, like WhatsApp, backs up user data to the given email id. 

Importance of backup

Think of an author, writing a whole book on a system with no backup setup. A banking application with thousands of user data lost in a virus attack. A software crash causing the whole company stranded. So the backup is important in every situation, because the information is business, precious. Big tech giants like Google, Facebook are making considerable money from the information. 

Types of backup

Main types of the backup are as follows:

Full Backup

The full backup is making a full copy of important data and storing it in a secured place. 

Incremental backup

It only copies the data changed since the last backup exercise. It is faster than the full backup, but needs care while restoring. If backup started on Monday, by Wednesday the backup process will copy the data since Monday and Tuesday. 

Differential backup

It is a bit similar to the incremental backup, but it only copies the files changed since the last backup. If the backup started on Monday, by Wednesday the backup process will copy the files changed on Monday and Tuesday, not the daily work.

Where to store the backups

Nowadays, very secure cloud backup solutions are available. Before we had only floppy drivers, CD and hard disks with a timely life.

We at IT Web Solutions, in the Greater Toronto Area, connect your business with cloud based backup solutions. The main advantages of cloud based backup systems are high availability, speed, and on demand storage capacity. Contact us to stream your data to a secure backup solution and do more for the business productivity.

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