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What is keyword research?

Finding suitable keywords for your content is called keyword research. The keywords are the words and phrases we use in our natural communication. Same words and phrases we search on the internet and get results from websites. For example, if I am looking for an internet marketing company, I will type “internet marketing company” or “internet marketing service” in the browser and get results. How does it work? How am I getting results related to my query? It is because of keywords in the answer. The first website in the results has similar keywords. In the other words, the results are at the top because of proper keyword planning.

Why is keyword research important?

As per Google, there are 200 factors behind the website ranking, and the relevant keywords are one of them. Think of writing the story of a “greedy dog” without the word “greedy” in it. Similarly, if we write articles, blogs, posts without the relevant keywords, it is meaningless. Google is a set of AI algorithms, articles, blogs, post content that all depend on the relevant keywords in it. Instead of spending hours on writing, spend minutes on keyword research and rank your content on social media and google.

This the pivot of website ranking

Yes, this is a very important factor in website ranking. In other words, the more relevant keywords in your content, the higher you rank on google. The higher you rank on Google, the more chances of attracting valuable customers.

Even if you are advertising on Google, the keyword-rich ads rank better and show on the top. So hiring an experienced web developer and optimizer is the greatest investment towards online success.

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