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As we know, laying out wired or wireless networks is called network installation. Which is the better network for your business, the wired or wireless network? Let us start with the network installation assessment and needs calculation.

Assessment of the needs.

It is all about why we need a network? Yes, we need it for smooth and seamless business operation. Your business may need a wireless network installation or wired one. It all depends upon the type of business, life, speed, security, location, and budget.

Wired vs wireless network installation

The wireless network is better for a small business like a restaurant, coffee shop, etc. Because most of the users are not permanent, so wireless networking is better. On the other side, the wired network is worthy for larger enterprises, backbone setups, data centers, and head offices.

The network portability, installation costs, easy upgrade options, and lower maintenance cost are the main advantages of wireless networking. A wired network is good for reliable connection, faster speed, longer life, and security. Although the wireless network is secure and reliable, still the signal in the air is more vulnerable.

Is networking is DIY?

Yes, it is, especially in home networking, as long as you are a bit techie. With the increased demand for networking in home automation, smart homes, more IoT devices at home, it is getting a bit complex. So hiring a network installation technician can save a lot.

Especially in business settings, we recommend hiring a professional company. Because, a professional can walk through your step by step, and save a lot on cabling, security breaches, and under usage of the equipment. Although, there are a lot of video tutorials available online, practically it is different.

We at, are ready to work with you on all your networking needs. Let us draft your network today.

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