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A computer lab setup could be a cumbersome job. It is a one-time investment and pays off every day. So spend considerable time on documentation, design, and procurements.
Depending upon the budget, one can start from 100s to 100 thousand. Even you can start with the old donated computers. Once you documented the ideal design, follow these steps to build a future upgrade-proof computer lab.

Room selection for computer lab setup

The first step in building a computer lab is the identification of a computer room. Considering computers need substantial cooling, designing computer labs on the ground floor is ideal. Still, we need plenty of space and ventilation, upper floors can be considered weighing these options. Square, spacious, rectangular, proper ventilated rooms are good for the smooth running of computer systems.

The purpose of computer lab setup

Why we need a computer lab, for education, designing, research, business, or for something else. A computer lab setup for high school is substantially different from a computer lab setup for engineering designers. At ITWebsolutions, we design computer labs from high schools to high availability server rooms.

Equipment required to set up a computer lab

How many computers do we need for a computer lab setup for a high school, I think 50 – 100 are quite enough. But for a business, we may need more computers, dual display systems, printers, scanners, and other business-specific devices. Furniture selection for a computer is more important than electronics, chair height, table height, and business-specific furniture.

Future upgrade options

Do not hesitate to keep an extra room for devices, Evaluate furniture needs and options. Although electronics size is shrinking with technological advancements, sometimes we may need to add extra devices. Apart from the electronics, a new manager can suggest installing the new furniture, who knows, it happens.

The seating layout design for a computer lab

The seating layout of the computer lab depends upon the business. If it is for the teaching purpose, plenty of space needed in between for teachers, instructors, and invigilators. Some popular seating designs are theatre, round and inline.

Powering up the computer lab

Modern computer lab setups need considerable homework on the power options. Although surge protectors, voltage regulators are not popular in some regions with high stability, still uninterrupted power source is required to keep softwares from crashing.

Buying computers

Depending upon your budget, you can start with old computers, some local businesses donate used computers. Another option is leasing, it is popular in business setups, startups, you can lease the up-to-date equipment and return back when it is not needed. The modern source of computer hardware is cloud computing, simply subscribe to the services, whenever needed.

Softwares, operating systems, and utilities

The operating system, utilities, and software all depending upon the requirements. Linux is an open source free operating system, Windows and Mac are available for purchase.

Assembling furniture and computers

Do not try easy fixes, go through the booklets available with furniture and assemble accordingly. Assembling a computer is not a big task for a professional, provided following proper steps in the menus. Avoid tripping hazards.

Network and power up

Test your power source starting from the old equipment. Connect to the network and start using it.


Computer lab setup needs more considerations depending upon the geographical location, environment, and local weather. We at ITWebSolutions are ready to set up a computer lab in Brampton, Mississauga, and Greater Toronto Area as per your business needs. We have all in one package available for all IT needs.

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