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How an IT consultant can help in starting a small business

Are you going to start a new business in Ontario? Do you need computers and networking for your new business? What kind of computer, software, server, network cabling, internet, and the phone does your business need? You can get answers to all these questions from a good IT consultant. Computers and networking are the most important technologies to run your business. It is even more important to find a good and reliable IT consultant. We at ITWebSolutions serving as IT consultants in the Greater Toronto Area.

Developing a small business idea

Today you have a better idea of ​​running your business. If you share it with us under a completely secret system, we will give you a draft of its advantages and disadvantages in terms of IT. Now that your new idea is with you in terms of IT, it’s time to find an office. There are many businesses that do not require an office, the basement of the house can be used as a room office. So feel free to contact ITWebSolutions for complete information on what kind of office the small business needs, how many computers, networking and related peripherals will be needed for a startup in Toronto.
Mostly, our finances are limited when starting a business. The better saving tip on IT equipment is one can rent computers and networking equipment or buy in easy installments. Even it is possible to find some used equipment. Luckily, at ITWebSolutions, we provide the necessary computer and networking equipment as per your needs.

What kind of computer is good for a small business?

A desktop computer is usually fine if you do not need portability. As per today’s computer configuration 8GB RAM, 500GB hard disk, Intel, or AMD processor, and Intel motherboards are good enough for regular business needs. If the budget is sufficient, try to buy one extra computer. A small business might need a server, cloud computing, email system, VOIP phone system and stationery. We at ItwebSolutions, help you in finding all these services tailored to your needs and budget.

Networking needs of a small business

Generally, wireless networking usually better for portability and installation expenses. Wired networking is good for your own building, or if starting work from the home office. Preferably, wired networking is a reliable, faster, secure and better option for longer life. Mostly, the network cable installers in the Ontario charge based on per drop for the structured network cabling. It would be great if the IT consultant company also does the network cabling work, and it is available on ITWebSolutions.

What kind of network switch is good for small office networking?

There are two main types of networking switches available in the market. Managed and Un-Managed switches
A managed switch can function up to some extent as a router, firewall, DHCP server, etc. The managed network switch may be a bit expensive at first, but it is cheaper in the long run.
Unmanaged switches are cheaper than managed networking switches. These are also used in networking because these are budget-friendly and do not need technical expertise.

Business-grade networking firewall

This is a critical network security tool. The network firewall saves critical information, computers and network from hackers and cybercriminals. There are thousands of firewalls available in the market, ITWebSolutions can help you to purchase the best for your business

The best home and business internet

Nowadays it is almost impossible to imagine any business without the internet. The Internet has become an integral part of marketing, business transactions, business and personal communication, and closing business deals, regardless of business type or size. There is a lot to choose from like the business-grade internet deals for startups, business-grade fibre internet from Bell or Rogers, cable internet, and wireless internet service from other carriers.

Website and social media marketing for small business

After buying computers, internet and office equipment, the next is the website. There are many things to consider in website designing for small businesses, for example, an e-commerce website, entertainment website, portfolio website, media website, brochure website, educations website, and so on. SEO is another important factor in building a small business website and climbing up on the search engines. The online success of a business depends on the website, SEO, SMM and social media marketing. There are plenty of online website builders such as Wix are available, but the personal touch helps you to stand from the crowd. We at ITWebSolutions provide all services such as website building, social media marketing, SEO, graphic and logo designing under one roof.

Apart from that, there are a lot of grants and rebates available for startups in Ontario, free legal help, tax rebates and much more. A good business consultant can walk through the best while enjoying business growth.

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