How to create Facebook ads with business manager

By Alex Watson on October 22nd, 2020

There are two main ways to show Ads on Facebook. The first is to boost a post on a Facebook page and the second is to advertising using the Facebook Business Manager. For the second type, setting up the FB business manager is the first step in advertising with the Facebook business manager.

Setting up Facebook Business Manager

Nowadays, every business has a Facebook page, so I skip the step of building a Facebook page and start with setting up a Facebook Business Manager directly. Click on Facebook Business Manager and log in with your personal FB account and password. You are now at the Facebook business manager. Your personal account is the administrator, but you can also use a Facebook page as the FB business administrator. The biggest benefit of controlling the FB Business with a page is you can add your employees and assign them the roles in an organization setup.

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Adding page to Facebook Business Manager

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Adding a Facebook Page to the Facebook Business Manager

Now add this page to this account as shown in the image below. If you want to run a social media agency, you can request access to their page in the Facebook Business Manager. There can be separate ad accounts for different clients, to keep them separate and organized. Once the page is added, time to create a Facebook ads account

Facebook Ads Account Setup

Go to the Facebook Business Manager and set up your Advertising Account. You can also use your old advertising account. The FB ads account details are not public. Facebook Ads account can also be used for client advertising. So far we are setting up our own FB advertising account. The next important step in creating a Facebook ad with a business manager is setting up the audiences.

Target users and select audiences

The audience selection plays a virtual role in the FB ads conversion rate. You can setup audiences when creating, boosting an ad or you can create custom audiences sets in the FB business manager. Click on the business tools(6 dots) on the top left corner in the FB business manager and go to audiences.

Basically, you can choose from three types of audiences for Facebook ads namely Custom audience, Lookalike audience and Saved audience.

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Audience types for Facebook ads

Custom audience

Under this, you can choose your audience according to your preferences. The best is to get some insights from Facebook or social media expert services.

Lookalike audience

This allows you to reach the audience of your page and the interesting people who like them.

Saved audience

Under this, you can use previously saved audiences.

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When finished up with creating a good audience for Facebook ads, time to create the first Facebook ad

Creating the first Facebook Ad

Click on ads manager from the more tools in the Facebook business suite as shown in the picture.

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How to create a Facebook ad

Your first Facebook ad is nested in three containers.


The campaign is the top container of FB ads. You can set your advertising goals in a campaign. Facebook offers multiple objective selections for advertising. The objective may be to get your brand out to the public, increasing the number of customers to your location.

Ad Sets

You can have different ad sets in an ad campaign. Different audience sets can be in one campaign.


This is real advertising for your business. An ad set may have different ad sets for different audiences and may have multiple campaign objectives.

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